Our Story

“We believe a broader perspective brings limitless success”

At Bedford, we combine invaluable learnings from the past with a trained eye on the future.

Our founders had the vision to attract and develop the brightest talent in the industry. It created an enviable culture of expert knowledge and contemporary thinking, that delivers a proven, yet progressive, approach.

We strive to provide flawless attention to detail, understanding each client’s specific ambitions, and having the expertise to deliver on them. Close collaboration within our team and proven partners ensures a seamless delivery of extended services.

A single relationship, with limitless potential.

Our Approach


Being truly invested in others means we have a deeper understanding of their situation and goals, ensuring we can deliver greater value for our people, clients and partners.


Through collaboration our team have the opportunity to grow their capabilities and careers. For our clients, they benefit from a clear, coherently delivered strategy.


Backed by decades of experience, we see problems as possibilities, opening up valuable opportunities for our people, clients and partners.

Based here,
connected everywhere

While our home is in North Sydney, our clients and
network span Australia-wide and beyond.

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No matter where you need to go, we’ve got you covered.

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